James Kelley

James Kelley

I have had the good fortune to work in a variety of fields including media (Advertising Age, TV Guide Magazine), chemical engineering (Chemical Week Associates) and financial services (Computershare). I have marketed to buyers in HR, finance, engineering and advertising. Along the way, I have learned that no matter the business or the buyer, it all comes down to understanding what the buyer needs and how your product or service addresses that need. After that, it’s all about translating that knowledge into an effective marketing program, something I have done with great success many times over.

Please consider the following highlights of my qualifications:

• Proven track record of leading marketing teams to create successful marketing programs to drive revenue and expand market reach.

• High-level experience in identifying untapped markets and developing new, targeted campaigns to capitalize on those markets.

• Deep knowledge and experience in implementing and utilizing marketing automation to improve efficiency, reach and results.

Expertise Marketing Strategy; Team Development; Demand Gen Campaigns; Sales Presentations; Marketing Automation & CRM; Campaign KPI Analysis; Content Marketing; Product Marketing; Digital Marketing; SEM and SEO; Social Media Marketing; Events and Webinars.

Skills Strong, motivational leader. Clear, concise copywriter. Quick study of new products, new industries and new buyers. Perfect blend of creative and analytical thinking. Persuasive presenter. Ready, willing and able to try new methods of marketing to get better results.

Location New York, NY


Email jkelley0905@yahoo.com